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Who Are We?

We are a team who focus on reaching and developing the health-care products like indoor air quality monitor and purifier.

Our Company

Circulate Health Science And Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd was founded in 2014,located in Beijing, which is an national "High-Tech Enterprises" and "Foreign trade double independent enterprises"

Our Product-Kagoo

Kagoo, smart-home air quality monitor and purifier, which can detect 12 kinds of data, like PM2.5, PM10, pollen, formaldehyde, TVOC, carbon dioxide(CO2), CO, SO2,temperature, humidity, etc.

Our Certificate

We applied and obtained 15 utility model patents, appearance patents, software copyright. A measurement test report issued by China Metrology Institute. CE, RoHS and FCC certification.

Happy Clients

"It has a really novel appearance, can be a beautiful decoration." "that remote control function is very convenient, you can check the result at anywhere."

We are group of professionals focused on making creative and innovative works

Our Situation

The air quality within our homes can be up to eight times worse than outdoors, Indoor air quality can deteriorate due to activities like cooking, which introduces smoke and other particulate matter. Cleaning and DIY can introduce Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs). In the process of trying to secure our homes by locking doors and keeping the windows shut, we may also inadvertently seal in our expiratory carbon dioxide. Furnaces and other wood-fueled heaters produce carbon monoxide. High humidity and damp spaces breed mould.

Our Mission

Our needs for a more secure and confined environment has somehow contributed to the demand of our air quality monitor and purifier.So we are always on the way to research and develop more products to check our indoor air quality, to make our product to be a professional inspector and air guard.

Ready To Rock?

Can you see the bad air pollution indoor, like formaldehyde,PM2.5,Pollen?
Do you have more sensitive feeling about air quality than our kagoo sensors? Will you show a really accuracy result about your air quality? If NO,why do you insist that the air in your house is pretty well, no need to check? Where did you get this answer? If you totally understand me, then you need our product.She is so glad to help you to check the air around you!The result from this professor is very important. Come and take her.

Meet Our Product


PM2.5,PM10,Formaldehyde,CO₂ can be detected, you can download the APP,to check the result,if one index beyond the standard, you will see the changed colour and hear the alarm.


Pollen,CO₂,CO,TVOC,can be detected, you can download the APP,to check the result,if one index beyond the standard, you will see the changed colour and hear the alarm.


The temperature, humidity, illumination, noise,TVOC,HCHO can be detected and showed on the APP,The purifier will be opened or closed automatically. Just enjoy your safe air around you.


Five single mushrooms can be used in one main device,you can choose five of those and make a free set by our own.If the mushroom are more than five, then you need another island.Try to make your own personal air assistant.

Want a simple, visual way? Please check our video.

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Our Advantage

Our product has 12 advantages. If you are interested in our product, just contact us. It will be your awesome business.

Multi-Index monitor

Detection index can be up to 12 kinds, includes PM2.5, PM10, pollen, formaldehyde(HCHO),  TVOC, carbon dioxide(CO2), CO, SO2,temperature,  humidity, illumination and noise.

Accurate monitor

The product is used international  advanced technology,high accurate sensors.

Long-term monitor

Keeping monitoring the harmful air pollution around you.

Remotely monitor

You could connect Wi-Fi and then check the data at anytime and any where.

Safe monitor

No need stay in pollution zone, you could check the data though the phone.

Multi-point login

The same product data can be  showed in several phones at the same time.

Data analyze

All the data can be saved, according to the detected data, the product will give you a suggestion  of the result and analysis report.

Online updating

The function of embedded spftware in the product and the App can be updated online.

Data interface

The product can be used with  other big purifier, central ventilation  system and so on through interface.

Atmosphere lamp

The product light has 7 different  colors,you can change the colors, brightness and rhythm of the light to  built the atmosphere you like.

Bionics design

The product looks like mushroom,it  can be a beautiful decoration. And  the omnibearing ventilation design  will get more precise data.

Free combination

 Different country has different air  environment,the different function small  monitors can be selected to one set. The product is more flexible.

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Feed Back

Smart Home United Cloud Plan

Once the federal cloud idea is approved by the majority of small and medium-sized innovative companies as well as cloud platforms, it will break through the layer of window paper between the clouds, allowing the smart home industry to enter a high-speed channel.


Circulate was invited to participate in the first China International Import Expo to respond positively to economic globalization.

Circulate Health Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is invited to participate in the China International Import Expo as a national high-tech enterprise, small and medium-sized enterprises in science and technology and foreign trade independent enterprises, and has become the representative of private enterprises of Beijing Trading Group.
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Circulate won the title of the vice chairman of The Smarthome Decoration Committee of China.

On October 18, 2018, Circulate Health Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., the sponsor of Smart Home Union Clouds Model, was awarded the title of vice chairman of the Intelligent Decoration Committee of China Interior Decoration Association.
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Circulate won the new trade ecology award awarded by Alibaba

On September 7, 2018, the Beijing New Foreign Trade Ecology Summit sponsored by Alibaba Group International Business Department was officially held in Beijing Yuyang Hotel. Our company won the Beijing New Foreign Trade Ecology Prize at the Summit.
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